Urban Decay has launched limited edition Urban Decay XX Vice LTD Reload, an eye shadow palette for the spring of 2016. The palette is a perfect cross between bold, sensual colors and soft, dreamy hues, incorporating both intrepid and vintage eye shades.

urbandecay_xxltdpalette001The Urban Decay palette includes some pretty amazing 20 eye shades for you to experiment with this spring. Some of the old colors have been retained from the Vice and Vice LTD collections whereas 3 new colors have been introduced. The previous colors that have been kept include Gash which is a metallic crimson hue, Acid Rain which is a glittering pale yellow-green with a touch of green and UV-B which is a radiant blue with a hint of violet.

The palette also include other colors like Suspend which is a brown matte color, Oil slick which is black matte with glittery silver, Roadstripe which is a shiny white with a hint of blue-violet , Midnight Cowboy which a champagne-like pinkish tint with silver glitter, 501 which is a deep metallic blue with copper micro-glitter, Shallow which is pale taupe-silver satin, Laced which is a pinky-taupe matte, Hot Pants which is a pearly medium pink and Mildew which is a deep metallic green shimmery shade.

There are still more colors in the palette including Smog which is a deep coppery bronze shimmer, Misdemeanor which is deep olive green matte with green micro-shimmer, Freak show which is bright purple satin, Asphyxia which is hyacinth shimmer with blue shift, Moonflower which is metallic rose-gold with a touch of gold micro-shimmer, Goldmine which is a bright metallic gold statement color, Twice Baked which is a rich brown satin with gold micro-glitter and Anonymous which is a pale peachy cream matte color.

These colors have had us itching to lay our hands on them and start experimenting. After all, there is no better way to spend the spring days than to put on colorful dresses and complement them with these amazing colors. Some of these shades have appeared for the first time in Urban Decay palettes and invite the onlookers to try them on. A perfect blend of vintage and contemporary colors, this palette is a real feast for the eyes and a must-have tool for all the beauty shelves.

The palette is now available at all major retailers around the world. You can do your eyes in chic and sensual colors or softly alluring smokey eyes effect. With Urban Decay XX Vice LTD Reload, there is no end to the styles that you can sport. This newly refurbished palette is just another reason for you to get dressed up and go on a trip downtown to ensure that you earn your place in the spotlight.