The Perfect Dress Shirt

The man in the white shirt in the window dress cufflinks.From white to prints, stripes to plaids and various other prints, the right dress shirt can be the foundation for every great outfit you wear. Whether you like to wear yours with a suit and tie or take a more casual approach, these are things you need to know about dress shirts. The White Dress Shirt, you need to have more than one, you should have 5 one for every day of the work week. It is almost impossible to mess up regardless of what jacket or tie you pair it with. To add a little pizzazz to your wardrobe a check or strip pattern is a great addition, just keep in mind when pairing it with a tie is the scale of the items. Shirts with a small-scale pattern pair with ties that have large-scale patterns, and shirts that have large-scale patterns should be paired with ties that have small-scale patterns.