Prairie Dress: In Vogue for Spring 2016

Erdem_spring_summer_2016_collection_London_Fashion_Week1Historical events often affect the fashion trends and the inspirations for clothing lines come from them quite a lot too. 1920s to 1990s was the time when fashion trends were profoundly affected by the circumstances of every decade. This was the time when fashion underwent major evolution, not just in clothing but also in jewelry styles. Owing to the time for which they remain, some fashion can be called as a “fads” as they are adopted for a very short time and others are classics which never go out of fashion. One of such classic fashion trends is the prairie dress.

Prairie dress in the 70s

Prairie dress was wildly popular in the 70s and 2016 has proved to be the year of its revival. It inspired the fashion designers to incorporate “spiritual but not religious” zest that was ascribed to the prairie dressing in the 70s.

The costume is basically a variant of the peasant dress. In the year 1970, prairie dresses came to be known for their square necklines. Ruffles and frills in lace were attached to the dress in those days. Puffy sleeves and lace lining he bottom of the skirt were the highlight of the look.

They had a high waistline and a belt was attached to the waist, adding a feminine touch. These country style dresses were considered to be highly conservative in those days and usually came in similarly conservative prints like the florals, polka dots, calico, plaids or mono-colored scheme.

Prairie dress in 2016

In 2016, the prairie dresses have made their come back as beautiful long dresses and long coats. They have been designed to be so incredibly chic that they are even being donned with trainers and pointed cameo flat sling backs.

A lot of designers have taken inspiration from the prairie dresses of the 70s. Prairie inspired evening gowns have become all the rage on the runways. The 3 tiered gowns have been made out of silk organza and have been an instant hit. These ruffled gowns are highly romantic and make us think of the vintage era.

The frayed look of the gown along with amazing cuts and the luxuriant fabric make this dress an absolute darling for the fashion lovers and a real treat for the eyes.

There is no better way to start the year than donning a pretty prairie inspired dress and heading out to rock the style. You can experiment with styles and can also have it in florals and frills. Coupling the dress with a nicely printed floral or even plain jacket can add a festive touch to the overall look. It seems as if the trend is here for quite some time so go get your hands on this wonderfully gorgeous dress while you can.