Ft. Myers Dry Cleaner

When you drop your clothes off at the dry cleaner, you want to know not only that your items will be returned undamaged and on-time, but you also want to know that your Ft. Myers dry cleaner can remove stains, repair damage, and freshen up any type of fabric. Fashion Fresh will provide you with the peace of mind you need, offering same-day services for laundry and dry cleaning as well as specialty care for those items that you won’t want to trust to just anyone.

Why You Can’t Just Machine Wash Everything

Chances are, you have items in your wardrobe that indicate that dry cleaning should be used rather than machine washing. Other items may be washable, but only by hand or on a delicate cycle. Because you won’t be able to dry clean at home and you may not have time to care for each item individually, you might bring everything to us where we can sort, clean, fold, and press so that it’s all ready to wear. We can also clean oversized items like drapes and other linens, which simply won’t fit in your household washing machine.

What Your Ft. Myers Dry Cleaner Can Do

Left your dry cleaning to the last minute? No worries! Our Ft. Myers location offers same-day services upon request, and we have most other orders ready by the next day. We also provide alterations, repair, and restoration as well as specialty care for Couture items, delicate heirlooms, and vintage clothing.



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