Choosing the Perfect Jacket

mens jacket on a manequin isolated on a blue background.

Picking a jacket is not an easy task. You always have to remember that it is the item that people will see the most, yes, it’s the last thing you throw on but it is the first thing people see. You need to decide which style is best for you and to do this you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

  • Do you need a jacket to accent a casual outfit?
  • Do you need to keep warm on your daily commute to work?

Once those are answered you can narrow down your choices.

The Leather Jacket:

confident young sexy man in leather jacketA leather jacket will keep you warm on a cool day, just keep in mind that leather jackets are more about style then function. It is a jacket that you can keep on once your inside without looking out of place.

The Field Jacket:

A field jacket provides a thin layer of warmth and wind resistance that’s perfect for a crisp fall day. They typically have enough pockets to hold all your essentials from cell phones to a pheasant.

A Quilted Down Jacket:

A quilted down jacket is an option that will keep you warm when the temperatures turn cold yet less dire then a parka. A quilted down jacket provides a casual look and the down insulation makes it a go-to choice for some of winter’s bad weather.

The Topcoat:

A topcoat is a perfect coat to wear with a suit, sport coat or blazer, this is because they are similar in structure.

The Parka:

The go-to coat when it is freezing outside and your warmest jacket is a little too casual. A parka is a perfect match and the insulation will keep you warm.