Casual Friday Attire

Casual Fridays have become all the range in the workplace and while it’s a great policy you have to still remember not to take it too far. The trick to successfully pulling off your end of the week outfit is making small adjustment that don’t stray too far from what you normally wear. Casual Friday attire is a slightly dressed down version of what you wear Monday through Thursday, not what you would wear to a backyard barbecue.  The classic Friday look would be jeans and a sport coat, it’s a fail safe choice for casual Friday. Dark jeans will work best because the are your dressiest option, however, you can switch it up with lighter and even white denim. The bare minimum for casual Friday would be a dress shirt or polo paired again with a pair of dark jeans, this is still acceptable for casual Friday. T-shirts, shirts and sandals are not acceptable. One more word of advice, Tuck in your shirt!  What shoes are best for casual Friday’s?  You can trade in your sleek cap toes for a more laid-back wingtip or loafer.